Alex J-P. 19. 6ft 2"
Taken by the most beautiful princess in the kingdom.
From Milton Keynes
Paramore, YouMeAtSix, ADTR, Young guns, BMTH, Parkway Drive, All time low, lost prophets, Alexisonfire, the blackout, Enter Shikari, Fall out boy, Foo fighters, Linkin park, Pendulum, The Prodigy, A static Lullaby, There for tomorrow, Underoath, Versaemerge and LOADS more!
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Married To The Music
I wonder why I’m starting to feel sick?…

I wonder why I’m starting to feel sick?…

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  1. hobg0blin said: can i join you please Alex?? that looks like fun and i’m terribly lonely^-^ <3<3
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